Cyber Security Awareness Month: Tip of the Week
Safeguard Your Digital Life and Protect Your Information

How much do your “smart” devices know about you?

These days our cars, fitness trackers, refrigerators, thermostats, and coffee makers can be connected to the internet and controlled through mobile apps. While “smart” technologies make our lives easier, they present new security risks. Limited privacy controls on internet-connected devices and apps may leave sensitive personal information vulnerable to cyber criminals.

If you use any connected devices, take these steps to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft:

  • Read privacy policies and know what information an app or device collects to determine if you really want to share this information.
  • Keep any device that connects to the internet free from viruses and malware by updating the software regularly.
  • Understand privacy settings to control how much information a device or app will collect and display publicly about you.
  • Use additional layers of log-in security on sensitive accounts, such as security questions or fingerprint scans.
  • Always change the factory-set password on your home wireless network.
  • Be diligent about what links and emails you open.
  • Set strong passwords and change them regularly.

Tip of the Week:

Treat personal information like money: value it and protect it. Information about you, such as your purchase history and location, has value – just like money. Not all apps and websites are reputable, so it’s up to you to protect your data from being misused. Always be cautious about who you give your information to online. Research an app or device manufacturer or read independent reviews of a website before you trust them. Go here for more information on securing your internet-connected devices.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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