Retirees — Your Letters are Welcome

Dear NYCHANow:

On January 20, 2015, my sister, Cardell Stokes Phillips, passed away. Cardell was an employee of the Authority for over 40 years; 15 plus of which were spent in the title of PAA 3, in the Office of the Chair of the Authority. Cardell loved the Authority, and as such, treated it as though it were a well-respected and loving member of her own personal family. NYCHA gave her an opportunity to meet many, many people, some of which eventually became her close personal friends for a lifetime. NYCHA also afforded Cardell an opportunity to encourage others to become employees of the Authority; myself, Brenda Stokes Robinson being one of those, and as such never felt a moment of regret. Thanks to you NYCHA, as well as to Cardell, for 18 good years of employment that ended in a beautiful, wonderful and financially secure retirement in 2003.

Thank you,
Brenda Stokes Robinson

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