Residents Thank Patterson Houses Caretakers

Patterson Houses caretakers at appreciation luncheon.
Patterson Houses caretakers at appreciation luncheon.

The residents at Patterson Houses in the Bronx held an appreciation luncheon on February 5 to thank caretakers for their hard work.

“We’re doing this to let staff know that we care about them and want to work with them to get our [development] back together,” said Nellie McKay, one of the event organizers. “Staff were really happy to be acknowledged for all they do,” Property Manager Stacey Fanniel later said.

NYCHA Tweeted the event with a link to a video that shows employees gathered in the lunchroom (above).

“It really gave staff a boost and energized them at work,” Supervisor of Caretakers Harrison Torres added. “When residents show they care, and want to work with us, that affects how their neighbors feel, too.” Mr. Torres was the first face of the “I am NextGen” campaign.

The link to the video is https:// 696720128654909440.

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