Protect Your Password

A strong password is one of the key digital defenses anyone can use and should be at least 12 characters long. Administrative or elevated access may require a longer password. Your password should be one that you do not have to write down to remember.

An easy-to-remember password is a simple sentence. Most sentences are made up of at least 12 characters. For example: “I wake at 7:00 AM!”

Your password should incorporate components such as:

• lowercase letters;

• uppercase letters;

• numbers; and

• special characters (such as punctuation marks and symbols).

Never reuse passwords across personal, business, and IT News and Notes social media accounts.

When you use a strong password, you significantly reduce the risk of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your personal and work files.

To view NYCHA’s password policy, click here and see pp. 23-29.)

You can also view a short video on password security from the NYC Information Technology & Telecommunications Department here.

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