“NYCHA Cares” Kicks Off
Initiative Tackles Work Order Backlog

NYCHA skilled tradesThe Authority launched NYCHA Cares, a new program that will address the backlog of more than 50,000 open skilled trades work orders in NYCHA apartments. Specialized work, such as repairs that require plumbers, electricians, plasterers, carpenters or painters, is in the highest demand due to long wait times. NYCHA Cares will pilot dedicated programming at the developments with the largest backlogs of skilled trades work orders to improve resident quality of life.

Thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYCHA Cares will receive $20 million for Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020 to eliminate the Authority’s work-order backlog and cut down wait times on related skilled trades work. NYCHA will use dedicated teams of internal skilled trades and temporary staff, funding for overtime, and third-party vendors with construction and facilities expertise. Through NYCHA Cares, NYCHA will initially focus efforts on Manhattanville Houses in West Harlem, Queensbridge Houses South in Queens, and Kingsborough Houses in Brooklyn. These developments have thousands of open skilled trades work orders that, while not immediate emergency health and safety repairs, require attention. NYCHA plans to complete the work within 24 months at these three locations.

“Thanks to the unwavering support and unprecedented funding from Mayor de Blasio, NYCHA Cares exemplifies how we can effectively answer repair problems,” explained General Manager Vito Mustaciuolo. “By utilizing current staff, support staffing, and private contracting solutions, we will be able to cut down wait times and make much-needed repairs for our residents.”

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