Weight Watchers

Get a jump-start on your New Year’s resolution! Weight Watchers and WorkWell NYC are here to support you through the holiday season with some tips to stay happy and healthy.

1. Plan ahead! Invited to a holiday party? Offer to bring a healthy dish (low in SmartPoints™)—your friends and family will thank you!

2. Stay active! Every little bit counts. Schedule events that revolve around activity and trade in the annual holiday movie for a walk in the park or building a snowman.

3. Celebrate smart! As your calendar fills up with social events, it’s hard to stay on track. Have a bite to eat before you leave the house or carry a bottle of water or seltzer at parties so you don’t mindlessly pick at food.

By enrolling now through the City’s Weight Watchers program, employees can get 50 percent off the price of a regular membership. Additionally, benefit-eligible dependents, including spouses, dependents (ages 18-26), and retirees also have access to discounted membership making health a family affair!

Weight Watchers with NYC Employee Special Pricing

Meetings in your local community: $15 per month OnlinePlus at work : $7 per month

Sign up or learn more at http://site-61474.bcvp0rtal.com.

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