Keep Track of Your Retirement Future
Open a free, online Social Security account

My Social Security

Social Security is a critical part of your retirement income. The guaranteed monthly payments your contributions bring will help ensure your financial security and freedom to enjoy your leisure years. You can now keep track of this vital resource by opening a free, online Social Security account. All you need to access Social Security’s many online services is a valid email address, a U. S. address, and a Social Security number.

Once you open your account by visiting, you can conveniently:

  • Access your Social Security statement to check your earnings and get benefits estimates;
  • Apply for Social Security retirement benefits;
  • Apply for spousal benefits;
  • Check the status of a Social Security application;
  • Get information you need to file your tax returns;
  • and more…

To find out more about the ease and benefits of opening an online Social Security account, click here.

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