Excused Leave for Cancer Screening

Early Detection Saves LivesExcerpted and abridged from the Human Resources Manual which can be accessed on Connect on the HR page under “Helpful Links.”

NYCHA employees are entitled to excused paid leave not to exceed 4 hours (including travel time) each calendar year to undergo breast and/or prostate cancer screenings.

Employees are entitled to excused leave only when the screening is scheduled during the employee’s regular work hours.

Employees request excused time by completing NYCHA Form 015.015 and providing it to their supervisor.

Employees must note on the form that they are requesting leave for a breast and/or prostate cancer screening. Leave must be preapproved, and is taken at NYCHA’s convenience.

When they return to work, employees must give their supervisors an original medical note on official letterhead completed by the healthcare provider indicating:

  • that the employee was screened for breast and/or prostate cancer, and
  • the date and time of the screening.

When NYCHA receives the medical note, the leave is changed to “excused time” and up to four hours of annual leave is returned to the employee. If an employee fails to provide medical documentation, the absence is charged to the employee’s annual leave balance, or pay docked to the extent that annual leave is insufficient.

Leave for breast and/or prostate cancer screenings is not cumulative and, if not used, expires at the end of each calendar year.

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