Deadline for Parking Permit Renewals

All NYCHA-issued employee parking permits will expire on December 31, 2016. Please submit your renewal request by November 28, 2016, to ensure that the new permit arrives before the expiration date. Employees who recently received permits with the expiration date of December 31, 2018, will not have to renew for this cycle. Employee parking permits only allow employees to park in employee parking lots, not in resident parking lots. The parking permit must be displayed at all times on your rear-view mirror when parking in designated areas.

Please note the following when submitting your request:

• Complete Movaris NYCHA e-form 009.069, Request for Employee Parking Permit. Be sure to include copies of your valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. Employees using a vehicle they do not own must attach a notarized letter of explanation.

• Employees can register two vehicles on one permit, using one Movaris form. • The form will be routed to your supervisor for approval, which is contingent on NYCHA-related work. Employee permits are not issued for commuting.

• If your supervisor approves your request, Human Resources will review the good-standing driving record provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

• If approved by Human Resources, the Revenue and Receivable Division will send the approved application to LAZ Parking, which will send you the permit. There is a threeweek lead time from the date that Revenue and Receivable Division processes the request to LAZ Parking.

• Additional information regarding NYCHA’s Parking Procedure can be found in the Standard Procedure Manual (SP 100:16), published in the Forms and Reverence Library9.

Please note that there is a $25 replacement fee for any change of vehicle, plate number, and lost permit (applicable to both single-vehicle and two-vehicle permits).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jean Mondesir, Assistant Director, at (212) 306-3838 or Annette Emrick, Assistant Director, at (212) 306-2866, in the Accounting and Fiscal Services Department. They can also be reached at

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