Cold Day, Warm Hearts
Youth Leadership Council Organizes Wellness Fair for All Ages

On a sunny, cold early April day, more than 100 people attended a Wellness Fair outside Grant Houses. Organized by the Manhattan North Youth Leadership Council (YLC) in partnership with Moshulu Montefiore Community Center and the Grant Houses Resident Association, the fair featured plenty of activities to keep warm. A “marketplace” of vendors provided information on everything from healthcare coverage options and job training programs to violence prevention. Seniors learned how to juice fresh produce and make healthy smoothies. Teens took part in a fierce basketball tournament and Double Dutch while kids painted their own aprons and played in the sunlight.

“We organized a wellness fair because everyone in the YLC agreed that was something our community needs,” explained Grant Houses resident and YLC member Dayon Corprew, age 16. Kendall Strong, also age 16 and a Grant Houses resident and YLC member, added that “We wanted to get as many people here as possible, so we used social media and put flyers everywhere in the neighborhood. There was a lot of interest, so I think if it were warmer, there’d be a lot more people here.”

YLC Coordinator Amadi Tittle, along with other members of NYCHA’s Resident Engagement Department, were also instrumental in bringing the event to fruition.

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