Championing Women in the Workplace

As part of NYCHA’s celebration of International Women’s Day, Chair & CEO Shola Olatoye encouraged employees to “champion women’s achievements in the workplace” by writing to NYCHANow about female colleagues they admire. Following is just a sample of messages from men and women about women colleagues held in high esteem.

Dawn Blake

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my partner, Assistant Super Dawn Blake. At Fire Safety, which serves all five boroughs, she is the standpipe coordinator’s assistant, where she has proved time and again her determination and ability to overcome obstacles and accomplish what is required per job assignment as each one is different.

She has climbed roof top towers in the dead of winter and has ventured into crawl spaces to see what the problems are and how to go about resolving them. She is reliable and has always put the safety of others before all else and provides thorough assistance to all who need it. She interfaces with staff and management from all boroughs and guides them as needed. Ms. Dawn Blake is an absolute asset to our entire unit.

– Joseph Nieves, Supervisor of Mechanical Installations & Maintenance, Technical Services Department

Housing Assistant Allison McLean

I would like to recognize Assistant Property Manager Allison McLean at Marcy Houses for the great work that she has been doing. She goes above and beyond to help others. Moreover she is great at her work, is very knowledgeable, and what she does is always to the best of her ability.

– Elaine Brown, Housing Assistant, Marcy Houses

Maribel Johnson

I am recognizing Maribel Johnson, a store room worker in the General Services Department. She does a great job with everything, from ordering to communicating with employees. She is a very polite individual. She should be recognized for International Women’s Day.

– Steven Ali, Maintenance Worker, Mixed Finance Property Management Department

Aisha Rosa, Pamela Hutchinson, Gerri Ashear and Shelisa Reid

I just want to use this opportunity to commend four fabulous women that I work with and whose work ethic I admire.

  1. Aisha Rosa: Ever ready and cool housing assistant aka “resident social worker;”
  2. Pamela Hutchinson: Meticulous time keeper aka “fine tooth comb;”
  3. Secretary Gerri Ashear: Housing Assistants’ “eyes and ears;” and
  4. Property Manager Shelisa Reid: “Go-getter extraordinaire.”

Wyckoff Gardens Rock!

– Oluleke Awoyomi, Housing Assistant, Wyckoff Gardens | Atlantic Terminal Houses

Melissa Renwick

In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to champion the achievement of my colleague, Melissa Renwick. Melissa works in the Law Department as an agency attorney whose work focuses on defending NYCHA in litigation involving Section 8 participants.

Melissa is an expert in the Section 8 program and an invaluable resource to me and my colleagues. In her work, Melissa often endures harsh criticism of NYCHA from judges, legal advocates, and others, but she responds with grace and never loses sight of the bigger picture. Her passion and commitment to NYCHA and affordable housing in NYC are inspiring.

– Lauren Esposito, Agency Attorney. Law Department | Civil Litigation

Erneste Pierre Louis

I want to acknowledge Ms. Erneste Pierre Louis for her great work ethic and selfless ways of educating her staff. I joined General Services in 2009 and had the opportunity of working alongside Ms. Pierre who diligently taught me how to produce effective and efficient work. Her knowledge and understanding of the agency’s goals is translated thoroughly and precisely to her staff. I appreciate her patience, guidance, and execution of what is expected of  her and her staff.

– Mimose Julien, Procurement Analyst, Procurement Department

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