Cancer Screenings Covered by Paid Leave
Just 4 Hours a Year Can Save Your Life

Use up to 4 hours/year of excused paid leave for cancer screeningAs of March 18, 2018, NYCHA employees can use up to a total of four hours of excused, paid leave per year to undergo any type of cancer screening during their regular work hours.

Employees should submit a “Leave of Absence Request” to their supervisor, noting that the request is for a cancer screening. If the request is approved, the time for the cancer screening will initially be charged to the employee’s annual leave bank. Upon returning to work, the employee must submit to his or her supervisor a medical note on official letterhead completed by the health care provider indicating that the employee was screened for cancer on the date in question. The leave – up to four hours, which includes travel time – will then be changed to “excused time.”

Questions? Call Ask HR at (212) 306-8000.

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