All in a Day’s Work: Mentoring and Inspiring

Career panel
Senior Digital Producer Joseph Luciano (second from left) in a career panel at Queens Technical High School.

This past summer, Joseph Luciano, Senior Digital Producer in the Department of Communications, hosted two high school interns at NYCHA, providing them valuable guidance and hands-on experience as part of Futures and Options’ internship program. Due to the students’ successful engagement, the non-profit organization invited Mr. Luciano to be part of its “Careers in Technology” panel so he could share his insights with more students. So on December 4, he discussed his career path and work at NYCHA with more than 50 students of Queens Technical High School.

“I was intimidated my first day of film school, because my high school didn’t offer any video production or editing classes,” Mr. Luciano told the high schoolers. “I felt that my peers had a leg up because most of them had backgrounds in broadcasting. I was worried I’d fall behind. It only inspired me to work harder. My thinking was: either I will find a way, or I will make one.”

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