Alcohol Awareness Month

Do you often drink more than you planned, or seem to become a “different person” when you drink? Do you need alcohol just to feel normal or relaxed? These are some of the signs of a developing or existing alcohol problem that should not be ignored.

To learn about available treatments, call the NYC Employee Assistance Program at 212- 306-7660. NYC EAP is a professional service that can provide free, confidential referrals for employees and their family members for a variety of problems including alcoholism, drug abuse, marital or family conflict, mental or emotional stress, and family difficulties.

Employees may notify their supervisor that they would like to speak to an NYC EAP counselor, without indicating the reason why, or they may call the NYC EAP without notifying their supervisor, and request permission to use their own leave time.

The NYC EAP is located at 250 Broadway – 28th Floor, in Manhattan, and is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Employees and their family members can receive services by calling 212-306-7660 or e-mailing the EAP at Confidentiality laws and regulations protect the personal information that may be discussed with the EAP.


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