Activities Prohibited on Authority Premises

This is a reminder to all employees of the following obligations under the Authority’s General Regulations of Behavior and Conflicts of Interest Guidelines. These provisions are not all encompassing but are particularly relevant around the holidays.

Employees may not:

• Ask for contributions or accept gifts or sell goods or services for private gain, on or adjacent to Authority property, except as authorized by the Authority. It is important to remember that selling of all items including cosmetics, candy, food, jewelry and items for school and various non-profit organizations to raise funds is not allowed.

• Engage in any non-Authority activity during working hours other than appropriately minimal personal use of the Authority’s communications and business systems, or engage in any private commercial work on Authority premises, on Authority time or with Authority equipment, except as authorized.

• Use Authority resources, such as staff, supplies, equipment and NYCHA letterhead, for a non-Authority purpose, other than to the limited extent noted in the Authority’s Communications and Business Systems Policy.

• Pursue personal or private activities during times when they are required to work.

• Enter into any business or financial relationship with any superior or subordinate.

• Use or misuse their positions at NYCHA to financially benefit themselves, their family members or anyone with whom they have a business or financial interest.

The above reminders will assist employees in avoiding violations of NYCHA policies and procedures and errors in judgment or appearances of impropriety. Further details can be found by accessing the Human Resources Manual on NYCHA Connect on the HR page under “Helpful Links”. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kenya Salaudeen Director of Human Resources

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