65 Roof Replacements Completed
78 More Under Construction

New roofs announcement
Mayor Bill de Blasio at Queensbridge Houses (photo credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photo Office)

On April 5, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the completion of 65 new roofs on NYCHA buildings, benefitting the quality of life of almost 13,000 residents by reducing leaks and mold.

“Residents may never see the new roof over their heads, but they will feel the difference. We are targeting a major source of leaks and mold, making kids healthier and helping parents sleep easier. With the right resources, we can deliver real-time improvements to the quality of life for thousands of families,” said Mayor de Blasio.

At Queensbridge Houses, the country’s largest public housing development, all 26 roofs have been replaced for the first time in more than 30 years. The Queensbridge roofs were part of a major roof replacement project begun by the City in 2015. The first phase of the project included 65 roofs which cost about $91.5 million to replace, coming in $8.5 million under budget. Seventy-eight additional roofs, costing $100 million, are under construction and will be completed by June 2019.

Joining Mayor de Blasio were NYCHA’s General Manager Vito Mustaciuolo, Queensbridge Houses Resident Association President April Simpson, other residents, and elected officials.

Leaky roofs are responsible for key sources of water and excessive moisture that causes mold in apartments and weaken a building’s physical structure. The Mayor has dedicated $1.3 billion to repair 950 deteriorating roofs for 175,000 NYCHA residents.


 Phase 1: COMPLETE

65 Roofs Fully Replaced

$91.5 Million

Borough Development Number of Buildings Total City Funds
Queens Queensbridge North 13 $28,183,463
Queens Queensbridge South 13 $27,863,809
Brooklyn Albany 1 & 2 9 $9,870,447
Bronx Parkside 14 $14,441,871
Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay 16 $11,216,416


78 Roofs to Be Replaced

$100 Million

Borough Development Number of Buildings Total City Funds
Manhattan Wise Towers 2 $3,377,000
Manhattan White 1 $1,733,000
Bronx Sedgwick 7 $7,534,000
Manhattan Saint Nicholas 13 $15,691,000
Brooklyn Tilden 8 $4,682,000
Brooklyn Cypress Hills 15 $13,726,000
Brooklyn Breukelen 32 $53,352,000
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